Bay Patrol Jackpot Slot

Progressive jack pot – it is the maximum prize payment on the gaming machine (usually for video slot and video poker). The size of the jack pot constantly increases after each game on a small amount. As a rule, the majority of casinos connect gaming machines in network, that give the possibility in a short term to create one big progressive jack pot, because more than one player can take part in its forming. The amount of the jack pot is usually determined by casino, for example, gaming machine with payout about 5% give to Jackpot-bank 1%.

The amount of the jack pot is usually showed on a special counter in money equivalent. Often, jackpot can be won with winning combination with maximum payment, (for example – Royalty Flash in video poker or in five most valuable images of the slot machine: lemons, cherries, alligators, etc.). When someone wins the jackpot, jackpot meter is set to zero. The amount of jackpot is usually set by casinos, for example, gaming machine, the returns which concludes the 5% and pays in jackpot-Bank 1% (one fifth of the expected profits).

Gaming house is ready to sacrifice some of its revenue, since the players in Jackpots are attracted by:

  • the relative novelty of progressive jackpots (generally, only a small portion of slot machine of gambling house is associated with progressive jackpot);
  • ever-changing jackpot value is displayed on a large bright display;
  • a large number of jack pot, which eventually motivates more players to play this game;
  • usually the jackpot is won by those players who for one game contributed the maximum amount of bets.

In some games, such as video poker, you can calculate the optimal listening strategy based on the frequency for each payment in comparison with losing. When the amount of the progressive jackpot is less than the breakeven point, the probability of winning is low, in the opposite case, any rate can give jackpot. In the long term, with the optimal strategy, the players in the Video Poker will even be able to get some profit. It is worth noting that the so-called break-even point is not so easy to calculate, because player does not know the basics: interest payments from a gaming machine. This is a unique situation when a player gets a fun game, and the fact that someone has won a number of jackpot, forcing them to play longer, while the gambling house gets benefit from it.

Some experienced players sometimes are organized into groups to play on gaming machines participating in the lottery jackpot, which often makes them inaccessible to casual players. The group members have means of mobile communications and work in shifts, calling for another partner to replace when they go for break. Casinos answer such actions by politics "no team play" and stop access to players, on which fell suspicion of involvement in the groups of this kind. To increase visitors and therefore profits, some gambling practice f creating of players club, being a member a player can have some discounts and benefits. Taking part in the club, it can sometimes reduce the cost of the player associated with the progressive jack pot games.