Soccer Safari Video Slot

It is designed along with international celebration of soccer champion to entertain soccer lovers. Soccer Safari Video Slot is exciting game applying soccer theme. It symbolizes the glamour of soccer championship which involves thirty two teams from thirty two countries. It is the most favorite soccer themed slot game which involves animals as the players. You will view the preliminary clip showing the lion making score. Actually the reels are located in the back of stadium. Actually the animal playing in the Soccer Safari Video Slot is not only lion but also Buffalo, Rhino, Jackals, Hog, and Leopard.

Who is the goal keeper in the Soccer Safari Video Slot? Leopard is the keeper. You will also get entertained with the cheerleader show performed by deer and a group of Hyenas who become fanatic into soccer and loyal fans. Soccer competition will be nothing without the commentators; you will see the giraffe and elephant work as the commentators. The zebra works as the referee and also plays a role as the scatter symbol.

Soccer Safari Video Slot also has the second scatter symbol, it is called as Trophy. The wild symbol of this slot game is The Soccer Safari Logo and when you get this symbol, you will be awarded the greatest jackpot. The animation is so clear and bright so that making people get entertained with perfect view. However Soccer Safari Video Slot emphasizes on the beauty attraction of football animations.

At the screen, you will see the buffalo hit down the baboon, it makes the referee release a yellow card at buffalo. Otherwise the leopard always performs great action in keeping the goal. You will see the rhino make great action by heading the ball powerfully. What about the lion, he looks happy with dribbling the ball. You will see defense performance done by the jackals. Once again, the animation is so great, you will see clear and bright graphic in the Soccer Safari Video Slot.

Actually when you get great winning, you will automatically obtain gold coins. The Soccer Safari Video Slot has been working with African wildlife to figure out any aspects of Soccer Safari Video Slot. It is really attractive slot game which automatically grabs people attention to play the game. It applies f reel and thirty payline game. If you are lucky enough, you will get jackpot and finally you bring to $25,000 during standard play to home.

The coin used at Soccer Safari Video Slot ranges from 1¢ to $120. This game will make you never realize that you have spent many hours playing the game. It comes along with bonus features. If you get trophy symbols three or more, then you can access the the Go for Goal bonus. Let’s choose one on three teams to support and you will be awarded for more points. If you are soccer lovers, it is time for you to play Soccer Safari Video Slot. Since it will trigger you spirit to win. If you are successful enough to win the game and you will get extra money from it.